How We Began

The Happiness Foundation began in the UK in 2007 when our Founder Kath Temple lost her amazing younger brother, John Black.  John was the Community Relations Manager for UMIST for many years. Good things can come from tragic events and make our world a better place. The Happiness Foundation Gibraltar was inspired by Natalie Abudarham, a local Teacher and SENCO, who became a young widow when her wonderful husband Marcus Abudarham died at just 36 with a brain tumour, leaving her and their two young children. The Serenity Project – Navigating Through Grief & Loss is dedicated to the memory of Marcus. Our Little Angels Project, which supports parents who have lost a baby or child, is dedicated to baby Luke David Banbury, born sleeping, son of Kat & Neil Banbury.

The spirits of John Black, Marcus Abudarham, Ed Sisto, James Francis Montegriffo, and baby Luke David Banbury live on in all we do.

Sadness can be transformed into new hope, new vision, a new mission, and a more influential and impactful life.

John Black

Marcus Abudarham

Ed Sisto

James Francis Montegriffo

Baby Luke David Banbury

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