Dr Annie Campbell, Counselling Psychologist




Dr Annie is a chartered Counselling Psychologist. She worked at Reading University with staff and students for 12 years using brief solution-focused strategies, and has helped hundreds to achieve their potential – and first-rate degrees. Perhaps more importantly though she has helped them to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin and to enjoy life to the full.  She has achieved this with 1-1 coaching, therapy, or with training and groupwork. A particular interest of Annie’s is The Impact of the Mind on the Body, and she is unique in her combination of a PhD in Psychology and using innovative, forward thinking strategies for change such as NLP, EFT, and Cardiac Variability.

Dr Annie also works with athletes to enhance performance and is something she finds hugely rewarding. Winning at national or international level cannot be achieved by technical coaching alone. Constructive beliefs and attitudes are the criteria of winners.

Success in business too depends not only on each individual’s beliefs and attitudes and also on a happy home life. Relationships require maintenance and Annie gives effective strategies for improved communication and harmony both inside and outside the workplace.

Having completed her degree in psychology at the University of Reading in 1997, Annie achieved a doctorate in Psychology from Surrey University in 2000 encompassing a wide variety of skills to facilitate change. This training underpins her philosophy of life. She believes we all have choices about our attitude and have the potential for change. By focusing on each individual’s way of approaching life’s challenges Annie helps facilitate this change. We often know what we want to change – with appropriate input can learn how.

Annie’s main interests include water skiing, swimming, and music – her passion though is seeing individuals shine in their true colours.

Dr Annie is a graduate of Kath Temple’s NLP and EFT trainings.