We have a BIG Vision and a BIG Mission

These are our initial projects in Gibraltar…and there’s more as we become established and grow

Happiness Matters

Courses in the Community
• Busting Depression

• Overcoming Anxiety

• From Self Harm to Self Calm

• Being Happier

• Pathways to Peace

• Building Resilience

Serenity Project

Navigating Through Grief & Loss

For those struggling with grief and loss, we offer:

• 1-1 Support for Children
• 1-1 Support for Teenagers
• 1-1 Support for Adults

Little Angels

Supporting Parents Who Have Lost a Baby

For those who have lost a baby or a child, we offer:

• 1-1 Support for Parents
• Couples Support

Positive Pregnancy

A Mothers' Mental Wellness is Central to Humanity's Mental Wellness

Offering pregnant women 1-1 and group support and strategies for a positive pregnancy

Positive Parenting

Confident Parents, Confident Children

Offering courses for parents and foster carers:

• Tuning into Toddlers
• Tuning into Children
• Tuning into Teenagers
• Happier Families

Happy Children

Every Child Deserves Happiness

All children face difficulties in life, from self-esteem and confidence issues, to bullying, anger, anxiety and sadness. If your child is struggling, we can help with:

• 1-1 support
• Small group support

We work with children in care and with children in foster care to help them with their happiness foundation

World Change Agents

Mentoring for Disaffected Young People

Mission Possible! Inspiring young people to Be The Change they wish to see in the world, and make a difference in Gibraltar. This is a proactive preventative way of building leadership skills, agency, emotional intelligence, and social entrepreneurship in our young people. We offer:

• 1-1 MasterMind groups
• 1-1 Mentoring
• 1-1 Coaching

Working with young people to develop collaboration and the synergistic growth of ideas, helping those with a shared vision and values to work in teams to make a real difference in our community. This far-reaching work will influence the social engineers and leaders of our tomorrows.

Phoenix Rising

Rising Up from Trauma & PTSD

Untreated trauma predisposes the brain to Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction issues. Trauma is stored in the Amygdala and so counselling can never remove it. We have the expertise to recode and release PTSD & trauma. Our work has been featured on BBC Radio, ITV, GBC, UK national newspapers and national magazines. We offer:

• 1-1 Trauma release support
• 1-1 Support for abuse issues

The Elders

Aging with Purpose, Vitality & Grace

The work of Professor Ellen Langer of Harvard University, and Dr Daniel Amen shows us how to best age with vitality, grace, and great brain health. Our intention is to give even more meaning and purpose to life in The Wisdom Years, restoring the status of our Elders, involving them more in our community, and reducing social isolation, depression and anxiety as we do.

Kindness Warriors

Kindness Warriors will positively impact pro-social behaviours, and raise Emotional Intelligence. Humans are designed to be kind, yet few seem to know how their brain gives them a boost whenever they engage in kind pro-social behaviours. We have created educational resources to support and enhance the curriculum in primary, middle and high schools. We offer:

• 1-1 MasterMind groups
• Presentations to schools
• Groupwork for children and young people
• Groupwork for children and young people
• 1-1 Coaching &Therapy sessions for children being bullied
• A Kindness Guardians programme

There are psychological, health, social and community benefits to kindness. Our aim is to kick-start a kindness revolution in our young people in Gibraltar. Kindness releases a variety of neuropeptides in the brain which have a positive cascade of benefits for the brain and body.

Systems Thinking

Our systems thinking enables us to identify the tipping points for change. We understand that things don’t exist in a vacuum and neither do people. We exist as part of a mind body system and we are all part of a wider interconnected system – families, groups, organisations, communities.

Positive Psychology

We promote positive psychology to build Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Mental Wellness, and foundational values of Love, Kindness, Honour, Integrity, Connection, Community, Contribution, Challenge, Agency, Accountability, Responsibility, Authenticity, Self Belief, Peace.

Tackling Challenges

We tackle the challenges that get in the way of Happiness: depression, post-natal depression and anxiety. These account for 87% of all mental illness. We help people shift and lift anger, self-harm, self-sabotage, trauma, PTSD, abuse, relationship breakdowns, unforgiveness, loss and grief.

The first peace in the world is self-peace.

We create pathways to peace of mind, put the smile back on peoples faces, and positive energy back in their lives.
We help our clients to flourish, lead their best lives, have brighter futures, be kinder, happier, healthier, more successful and more fulfilled.