Restoring Resonance: The Rainbow In The Cloud – A Meditation to help you journey through cancer. This FREE Meditation is our gift to you and is one of a series of Meditations/Visualisations that may be helpful to those with a diagnosis of cancer. The introduction shares some thoughts about the research on spontaneous remission. A common denominator is a radical shift in the patterns and habits of life. If nothing changes, nothing changes. Some things need to change in order to move beyond cancer. Cancer is a radical message from the body that hijacks our attention. The body will whisper before it shouts. The shout is what gets your attention if the whispers have been ignored. The body is one of the vehicles through which the eternal consciousness communicates. What is the message you are meant to receive? What is the change it is heralding in? Commit to a re-alignment and to making the changes that will change everything. It’s time.