Train the Trainers

Imagine being able to really engage people and create training with that extra oomph and leading edge. Think of how cool it will be to create and anchor powerful resourceful states within yourself to ensure you maintain your energy, enthusiasm, flexibility and flow – whatever the situation! Learn to use language as a precision tool to create benign and beneficial change.

Great training gets great results! Laced liberally with NLP techniques and with rave reviews this is that ‘must have’ course you just have to attend!

A four day course to help you to be the difference that makes the difference!

  • Develop an optimum learning environment
  • Create rapport and develop effective and engaging openers
  • Overcome barriers to learning
  • Explore how adults learn best and why
  • Learn how to programme for success
  • Accelerate learning and enhance retention rates
  • Develop training packs that reinforce learning
  • Identify and analyse training needs
  • Focus on outcomes and set SMART and sassy objectives that motivate
  • Recognise and respond to different learning styles
  • Select the most effective training methods
  • Design powerful and memorable training programmes
  • Overcome fear and self-doubt
  • Establish and maintain a positive personal state
  • Create reference experiences and engage emotions
  • Design and deliver professional presentations
  • Create and use visual aids
  • Analyse your trainer style and its impact
  • Develop greater flexibility to match learner needs
  • Deliver training with flair and credibility
  • Explore and manage group dynamics with confidence
  • Learn how to create and sense ENERGY
  • Manage difficult trainees and difficult situations
  • Evaluate training effectiveness – the Eddie Izzard method!
  • Identify inspiring ways to close training sessions

Train the Trainer