4 Powerful Days to Create Positive Change in Young People


A highly interactive experiential training for professionals working with young people. This will enhance and accelerate your skills to change minds, touch hearts, shift behaviours and limiting beliefs, and help resource young people to lead their best lives. Imagine having the ‘how to’ tools and techniques of success intelligence, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence to help you be the change that changes everything. Be the difference that makes the difference. Here’s what you will gain:

  • Increased ability to influence outcomes, attitudes and behavioural change
  • How to diffuse and dissipate feelings and resource young people
  • Tools & techniques to make changes in yourself and others more easily
  • Irresistible influence – learn some of the language patterns of persuasion engineering
  • Know how to install powerful templates for long-lasting change that work long beyond the intervention
  • Recognition of levels of change and how to optimise your impact
  • Be able to change minds – even in conversations
  • Discover how to use anchors to shift states rapidly
  • Have the ability to elicit fast state changes in self and others
  • Know how to use questions to directionalise the brain and install change patterns
  • Understand and utilize timeline techniques to clarify options, increase choices, recognise consequences, motivate change, and install strategies
  • The best techniques in deep rapport, self-change and influence
  • The latest neuroscience and how to massively shift neurochemistry and resourcefulness
  • How to install propulsion systems to truly motivate behavioural change

Investment £7,800 + vat for up to 12 delegates – £650 per person

Interventions that change futures

Short Biography of Kath Temple

Kath Temple is an MSc Success & Happiness Psychologist who has worked with tens of thousands of young people and adults across the world to create long-lasting positive change. She was one of the original 69 specialist members for England & Wales appointed by The Secretary of State for Education to the SEN & Disability Tribunal, and has worked for DfES, Suffolk Education, Norfolk Education, Pupil Referral Units for 3-8 and 14-16 year olds, and has trained many Headteachers, Advisory Teachers, Teachers & Support Assistants as well as Leaders and Change Agents across the world.

A few words from Kath’s clients …

I learned LOADS!! This was the most valuable course (and the most entertaining) I have been on in years! LYNN PARK, Suffolk Education

You blew the guys away – I think you really took them by surprise! They have been using the skills and I have had such good feedback!
LIZ HOLDICH, Manager, Catch 22 Lincolnshire

Thank you for helping me to get my oomph back.
SHARON RUDGE, Advisory Teacher

Kathryn was very entertaining and inspiring, honest and fun! She built on the needs of our group very well, helping us to build trust in one another. I really appreciated this in the first week of a new job. I enjoyed most the sections on generating confidence in myself and the guidance and reassurance about dealing with difficult group members and overcoming problems. JANE MORRIS, Teacher Mentor, Suffolk

Following your course for all our staff in the Pupil Referral Unit we received a Beacon Of Excellence Award from Ofsted! Thanks for the insights, skills, humour and much much more. Will always remember it – and use it – every day! Enjoyed the positive learning environment and learned a range of great skills and techniques – tonality and use of voice, embedded commands, presuppositions, eye accessing cues, the muscle testing. Have already used with good effect many/most of all those things in my work with adults, young people and teenagers. EITHNE LEMING, Headteacher, First Base PRU, Ipswich

Your style was very engaging and enthusiastic. Enjoyed the range of practical exercises, the blend of participants, the materials, the high energy. I learned that rapid change is possible and doesn’t need to meet the criteria of ‘no pain, no gain!’ I will use this for myself and am more confident taking on new and different challenges. I will use it to enthuse others and help them remove limiting beliefs, broaden their perceived choices and opportunities. You are a role model for enthusiasm and humour I will carry with me always!
JANET CATTINI, Head of Staff Development, London South Bank University

Thanks for stretching our minds and our lives. Have learnt so much from you and am looking forward to my next zillion years of using it! I’m loving it, and you have given me the confidence as well as the tools to go and bloody-well just do it!! I am walking taller and happier, with heaps more self belief and it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels great!
SARAH RICHARD, Senior Education Officer, Northumberland Education

This course was a ‘springboard’, so motivating and encouraging. So relevant and practical.’ HAZEL MEADOWS, Suffolk Education

A few more words from Kath’s clients …

10 out of 10! You were brill !!!! JOHN WEBB, Drug Concern, Guernsey

It was excellent. A GREAT investment!
NIGEL TURNER, Business Development Director, Logica

In my 20 years’ experience as an academic, facilitator and consultant, I can confidently say that Kathryn is the most accomplished, professional and charismatic trainer/change agent that I have come across. She pursues her work with the utmost integrity. Kathryn takes immense care to ensure that her interventions are supported by sound theoretical principles and evidence. She is a consummate professional who is totally dedicated to the well-being of her audience and clients. Her academic and professional credentials, allied with her detailed knowledge and experience of a complex field, means that she is eminently qualified to deliver excellence in this and other projects. Kathryn is peerless as a presenter and communicator. She radiates enthusiasm for her subject, which she delivers with passion and immense dexterity. I witnessed at first hand her unique ability to convey profound insights with empathy, energy and ease to people from diverse backgrounds. Kathryn has authentic charisma which she uses in an ethical way to promote the well-being of people that she works with. She relates to everyone with sincerity and professionalism, thus creating the conditions for positive change. She is a force for good.
PROFESSOR MONDER RAM, OBE, Leicester de Montfort University

I had such a fantastic time, learned so much about myself and really got a boost. I cannot believe the uses for these skills – family, staff, friends – strangers!! Amazing!
DAWN RENNIE, Principal Officer, Lincolnshire Development

Dynamic course leader! Learning a new way of approaching problems. Enjoyed the peer support. Learned how to temper my responses in times of stress. I will use this within my working environment especially as mine tends to be quite confrontational.
SHARON NAYLOR, Head of Occupational Health, HMPS Worcestershire

I use these skills on a daily basis when working/talking with everyone I meet. I incorporate a huge element of it when training volunteers to motivate and work with young offenders. I have learned to create different states in myself and others. One of my clients has said that his life is very different. Using a range of approaches I have managed to get through to him. He said that when he first met us he could score the quality of life at 1/10. It is now 6/10 and rarely goes under 5! He walked past the guy who had raped him the other day and kept his head held high and has also written letters of apology to the victims of his assaults that he carried out as a result of his inner aggression! You have had a huge impact on my life. SUE DOUGLAS, Trainer, Probation Services

The empathy that Kath shows towards our pupils and their parents enables her to engage effectively with one of the most difficult client groups in education. Her work adds a most essential dimension to the school.
IAN JOHNSTON, Headteacher, Pupil Referral Unit

Loved the openness, the knowledge you shared, your style and attitude. Loved the thought-provoking comments and questions. Inspirational! One of the best things I have ever done! TRACY SMITH, Teacher and Trainer, Lincoln

I just want firstly to say a great big thank you for the course it was Fab!! I learnt so much in such a short space of time and I am putting it into practice too.
LYNNE FINNIGAN, Training Director, The Colchester Institute

Brilliant course. Thanks for all you have given me. I’ve had a huge boost in self-confidence. Learned to look at training in a broader and deeper context and to look at presentations as more than knowledge of content. I now have the ability to change states.
HELEN NOTT, General Advisor

Thank you so much for giving us the powerful message – you have such an amazing presence on stage and EVERYONE was blown away with you! They are still talking about you! LINDA TURNER, UEA Medical School

Thank you for the wonderful session that you did for us on Friday. It was truly fantastic and everything that I had wanted. Everyone is talking about how much they enjoyed it and how wonderful you are! I just knew that you could shake them up! It set the stage for the afternoon and I can truly say that I have never delivered, organised or prepared a session that more than met the aims and objectives in the ways this one did. God they were bopping. Thanks a million!
JANET MORGAN, Quality Assurance Manager, Norfolk County Council

When I was looking for a coach and mentor to help me take my business to the next level I was lucky enough to find Kath Temple. Kath’s blend of intellect, expertise, empathy and energy is rare to find. She is generous with her time, her resources and her support. Kath has the ability to hold a bigger vision people she works with to grow into. She has great business acumen and never loses sight of the importance of kindness and trust in all dealings. Kath is quick, clever, warm and great fun to work with. Her inspiration and knowledge has been incredibly valuable to me as I have have continued to expand my business, my income, my confidence, influence and impact. I would thoroughly recommend her.
KATIE BOTTEN, Author, Organisational Change and Career Change Specialist

The Special Educational Needs Tribunal is an expert tribunal whose members come from many different backgrounds: educational, medical, social services, legal, etc. Kath was one of the original 69 specialist members for England & Wales appointed by The Secretary of State for Education. She has served on the Tribunal for 12 years and takes an active part both in planning and in delivering our training programme. It works and its success owes much to her imagination, experience, expertise, enthusiasm, lively sense of humour and understanding of human nature.
TREVOR ALDRIDGE, QC, President of the SEN & Disability Tribunal

There was such expansion of awareness – far beyond my/our expectations. The power of the group was expertly and lightly harnessed to take all of us further. The whole experience constantly modelled for us. Wonderful Kath – Thanks a million.’
LAURIE ROUSHAM, Maths Consultant

So good to be on a course that was such fun! A jolly, human, and extremely knowledgeable and widely read trainer who gets a lot from life and is willing to share. Learned to believe in myself and to focus on strengths. Learned to be more analytical and to consciously employ strategies when I’m not sure of the way forward.
JACQUI CAWKWELL-EAST, Advisory Teacher, Suffolk

One of the best training workshops I have ever been on – thank you!
LINDA BULLIMORE, Norfolk Early Years Support Network