‘The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.’

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique – is the missing piece to the healing puzzle. Based on impressive new discoveries involving the body’s subtle energies, EFT has been clinically effective in tens of thousands of cases. It provides dramatic relief for trauma and abuse, panic and anxiety, fears and phobias, depression, addictions and pain relief. EFT provides rapid resolution of psychological problems and it is long-lasting and gentle. It involves no drugs and uses acupressure points and energy meridians alongside psychological techniques to remove emotional blocks and restore emotional freedom and balance. Properly applied, over 80% of clients achieve either complete elimination of the problem or a noticeable improvement.

The EFT Master is the delightful Gary Craig (www.emofree.com). Gary says ‘We are on the ground floor of a healing highrise and the ‘energy therapies’ provide the elevator. They establish rapid and long-lasting relief for almost every emotional issue and remove blocks to optimal performance. EFT is an entryway into this fascinating field.‘ You will find that EFT often provides benefits where other methods fail.

An incredible tool for the therapists toolkit.


Give us a call for an introduction to EFT or to gain your practitioner skills and achieve accredited practitioner and advanced practitioner status. We regularly run courses over a weekend, meaning you don’t have to take time off work. You can come to us here in spectacular Suffolk and study with us on The Sunrise Coast – Britain’s most easterly point. Or, if you can get an interested group together we’ll come to you.

EFT Accreditation Logos

EFT really is a must for any therapist worth their salt. This is a superb technique – which rapidly gives many benefits including the V-K disassociation – even faster than the rewind technique/fast phobia cure.

Kath Temple originally learned TFT (Thought Field Therapy) through her association with Paul McKenna who brought Dr Roger Callahan to the UK. She then took further training as an EFT Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner of EFT, now listed as an expert practitioner with the AAMT – Association for the Advancement of Meridian Therapies – as well as an accredited AAMT Trainer.

We can offer you accredited AAMET certificated and Approved Level 1 Introductory Workshops, Level 2 Practitioner training, and Level 3 Advanced Practitioner training.

We Care About Your Professional Development in EFT

We offer quarterly EFT practice groups to our EFT trainees at low prices to ensure you have access to your Trainer supervision and peer supervision too. Our practice groups are well-attended, and without doubt enrich and extend your practice and your skills. In addition, Kath Temple offers 1-1 supervision if you prefer.

EFT for Teachers & Support Staff

We have trained whole school staff at Pupil Referral Units and schools in EFT techniques to assist in the management of emotional and behavioural problems in children as young as 3 and right up to Year 11s.

We offer a tailored EFT course for school staff and we can run it at your school as a twilight session, or as a PD day, or as an open course with staff from other schools and PRU’s attending. Your choice! Contact us for more details.


Just as Kath Temple is passionate about the life-changing and life-enhancing effects of EFT, so she is equally passionate about NLP, it truly is transforming! Here, NLP is taught as it was originally designed to be -she uses NLP to teach NLP! So you learn through experiencing – and you learn fast. During the training you will be practising the skills before talking about them and demonstrating competency in areas long before you can explain what it is you are doing differently. This also means that a huge amount can be covered in a short time and what you learn can be applied immediately and effortlessly, with no problems of integration.

As an MSc Psychologist she has studied training and learning at Masters level. And I regularly assist Dr Richard Bandler, John LaValle and Paul McKenna on their NLP trainings and also assists in the training of Society of NLP Trainer Training. She knows NLP from the inside. And she knows the secrets that aren’t in any of the books! This is cutting edge and you couldn’t be in better hands. The training is highly interactive and really brings NLP to life. You get to practice the skills with each other in a safe environment with lots of 1-1 attention. And you’ll get to try out each new skill first, then we put together the pieces! You’ve seen with Gary’s work a deep spirituality, and you will find the same in the NLP work we do.

“I highly recommend Kath Temple of The Lifelong Learning Company. She is continually updating her training with the most up-to-date skills I have developed and is one of the few licensed internationally through the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.”

It was Abraham Maslow who said ‘If all you have in your toolbox is a hammer, you’ll go about treating everything and everyone as a nail’! Enhance your EFT skills, and bring a whole new powerful range of skills, tools and techniques to your practice when you discover just how brilliant NLP is! Gary knows, it, Ann Adams knows it, Dr Tam Llewellyn and Mair Llewellyn know it and so does any EFT Master , Advanced Practitioner, and Practitioner worth their salt! Check out our feedback below and elsewhere on this website:-

  • Improve your therapeutic, coaching and personal change skills
  • Increase your behavioural flexibility – never be stuck again!
  • Enhance your income potential and grow your business with NLP as well as EFT
  • Discover the secrets of creating compelling templates for change inside the brain
  • Create routes to immediate and long lasting change with the powerful behavioural science tool of anchoring
  • Learn to collapse limiting beliefs and change them for empowering ones
  • Enhance your EFT skills with hypnotic language patterns to creatively embed long lasting change
  • Gain more confidence, charisma and certainty in yourself and your skill-set
  • Become skilled in the Meta-Model solution-focused questions and learn about
  • questions and brain directionality and its powerful impact on change-work
  • Discover Milton Model advanced language patterns to gain exquisite influence with anyone anywhere
  • Uncover the secrets of NLP’s linguistic rapport mechanisms
  • Easily recognise the external signals of internal thinking patterns and use pattern match language to deepen your connections with clients
  • Utilise language as a precision tool in your business promotion and website
  • Create positive futures, recode the past, and embellish the present with powerful Timeline Therapy
  • Learn the art and science of designing metaphors and stories for change
  • Elegantly by-pass conscious resistance
  • Utilise physiological and bodywork techniques for change
  • Build improved relationships with clients and colleagues
  • Make better choices and better decisions
  • Increase your ability to influence outcomes and attitudes
  • Increased ability to influence outcomes