The Happiness Foundation Gibraltar


Our Mission

To change futures for the greater good, put the sunshine neurochemistry into minds, put a smile on people’s faces, build resilience, increase emotional intelligence, and promote positive psychology across the life cycle.

Live on Purpose, with Pride, Passion & Positivity

The Happiness Foundation Gibraltar

There is nothing like The Happiness Foundation in Gibraltar. We provide positive psychology services from the cradle to the grave and shift the issues that get in the way of happiness – depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD. Happiness and unhappiness have far-reaching consequences. Time to invest in Gibraltar’s happiness and put us on the global happiness map!

Imagine a Gibraltar where everyone was living into their potential and being the best version of themselves that they could be. That’s the community we all want to live in. And we believe it is possible. 

We believe that happier people make the world a better and safer place to live. We care & we dare daily to make a difference to you with our lives and with our work.

Our Approach

The Happiness Foundation Gibraltar promotes positive psychology to build mental wellness and resilience. We teach emotional intelligence, emotional self-regulation, to empower children, teenagers, and the people in our community and give them the ability to emotionally self-soothe, shift their emotional states, motivate change, and take back control of themselves and their lives.

We raise aspiration, self-esteem, confidence, ignite potential, shift limiting beliefs, improve mental health, mental toughness and resilience. We build personal leadership skills, communication and relationship skills, leading to more resilient and stronger children, people, families, schools, businesses, stronger communities. We build positive lifestyle choices, improve chances in life, and increase wellness and life expectancy.


Here’s our Founder and CEO Kath Temple, captured by creative genius Nic Askew who came over from America to film her for his Soul Biography series.

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Happiness Matters

Happiness really matters. It has far-reaching implications. Did you know that Happiness and GDP are proven to be highly correlated? Even hard-nosed economists like Lord Layard and Harvard Business School recognise the impact of Happiness on society, on success, on prosperity, on family relationships, on school attainments, on productivity, on business profitability, on sickness levels, on absenteeism, on community cohesion, and more.

The neurochemistry of Happiness is vastly different to the cortisol-laden neurochemistry of unhappiness. It impacts everything!

There is a huge cost to unhappiness in terms of adverse mental and physical health, performance, attainment, relationships. Even the size of children’s brains, the number of mirror neurons within them, the emotional lability of their nervous systems, their ability to emotionally self-regulate, focus, and their ability to live into their potential is affected by the happiness or unhappiness of their key carer.

The Happiness Foundation Gibraltar is here to make a difference all the way throughout your life-cycle from a pregnancy to your years as an Elder in our community.

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